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In both the Remote API and deferred articles, I used a (perhaps poorly named) 'mapper' class as an example of ways to use these libraries.In neither case was the class intended to be anything other than a sample use case for the library, but nevertheless, people have used the examples in production.The introduction of cursors provides a prime opportunity to introduce a more robust, yet simpler, version of the bulk updater concept.First, let's define a few requirements for our bulk updater: import logging import time from google.import mail from google.import db from google.deferred import defer from google.appengine.runtime import apiproxy_errors class Bulk Updater(object): """A bulk updater for datastore entities. """ pass The first thing we do is define some constants that will affect the operation of our updater - the batch sizes for put and delete operations, and the maximum time to execute before enqueueing the next task.Back in the original requirements, we included the requirement that it be possible to report completion to admins.Let's do that with a mixin: class Reporting Mixin(object): def __init__(self, email_sender=None): """Constructor.

We can test our updater from the remote_api console, like so: Checking the admin console shows the deferred tasks being executed, and checking our email shows a message in our inbox titled "Bulk update completed".As always, bear in mind the limitations of the deferred library when it comes to import path changes, etcetera.The complete source of our new bulk updater can be found here.The application can save this string, for example in Cloud Datastore, in Memcache, in a Task Queue task payload, or embedded in a web page as an HTTP parameter, and can then use the cursor as the starting point for a subsequent retrieval operation to obtain the next batch of results from the point where the previous retrieval ended.A retrieval can also specify an end cursor, to limit the extent of the result set returned.

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Kravitz has had some fun, and very A-list, match-ups in his day, and you may have forgotten about some of them.

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