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Chapter 601: Disdainful Gesture Chapter 602: Fighting Again Chapter 603: Exceptional Beauty Chapter 604: Attitude Change Chapter 605: Potential Problem Chapter 606: Everlasting Sea of Blood Chapter 607: Ancient Legend Chapter 608: Fate Primogenitor Chapter 609: Doll within the Ocean Chapter 610: Fighting Against a Martial Lord Chapter 611: Suppression Chapter 612: Little Fishy Chapter 613: Monster Chapter 614: Combing Powers and Escaping Chapter 615: Familiar Person?

For reference, every chapter fluctuates from 2400 characters to 2900 characters for current chapters with most chapters around 2600 characters. Regarding potential—even if you are not considered a genius, you can still learn Mysterious Techniques and martial skills. Regarding strength—despite having a myriad of artifacts, you may not defeat my army of World Spirits. All of the world’s living perceives me as Asura, but I was ignorant to such a thing. Inner Court Disciple Exam (1–8) Chu Alliance Gathering (9–16) Spiritual Medicine Hunt (17–27) Chu Family Competition (28–38) Liu Alliance (39–45) Ancient City (46–55) Tomb Plundering (56–64) Pre-Core Disciple Exam (65–73) Core Disciple Exam (74–84) Battle of the Families (85–96) Ambushes upon Ambushes (97–110) Ancient Tomb (111–119) New Excellence Assembly (120–129) Betrayal of Trust (130–141) White Tiger Villa (142–152) Ancestral Lifeline (153–162) Sword Alliance (163–174) Spirit Province (175–185) Asura Ghost Tower (186–201) Mr.When you choose a category, the right side of the dialog box changes to show more detailed options.After you click the OK button, the field is inserted into your document.Chapter 25: The Furious Su Mei Chapter 26: Chu Feng is a Fierce Person Chapter 27: Strange Marks Chapter 28: The Change in Attitude Chapter 29: Meeting of Father and Son Chapter 30: Monster Chapter 31: Uninvited Guests Chapter 32: I Concede Chapter 33: Chu Feng vs Chu Xun Chapter 34: Stunning Everyone Chapter 35: Xu Tianyi Chapter 36: I Will Accept the Challenge Chapter 37: Shocking Everyone Chapter 38: Famous for a Hundred Miles Chapter 39: Displaying Strength Chapter 40: I am Su Mei’s Lover Chapter 41: Big Trouble Chapter 42: Matching a Hundred as One Chapter 43: A Killing God Chapter 44: The Arrival of a Disaster Chapter 45: The Tyrannic Su Rou Chapter 46: Entering the Wings Alliance Chapter 47: A Warm Dinner Chapter 48: Tomb Robbing Chapter 49: World Spiritist Chapter 50: Grasping the Mysterious Technique Chapter 51: World Spirit Compass Chapter 52: Secret Spirit Technique Chapter 53: Map of the Symbols Chapter 54: The Insane Beggar Chapter 55: I am Called Chu Feng Chapter 56: Those Who Dare Approach, Die Chapter 57: Imperial Sky Sage Chapter 58: The Roads of Enemies are Narrow Chapter 59: Intense Battle Chapter 60: Third Thunder Style Chapter 61: Imperial Sky Technique Chapter 62: The Fisherman Reaps the Rewards Chapter 63: Bizarre Main Hall Chapter 64: Raging Flames of the Burning Heavens Chapter 65: Breaking Through with a Sky-High Price Chapter 66: Cultivation Formation Chapter 67: Supporter Chapter 68: A Burst of Lingering Fear Chapter 69: Creating Legends Again Chapter 70: Jealousy Chapter 71: Quiet Down Chapter 72: Oppressive, Situ Yu Chapter 73: Reminder Chapter 74: Examination Chapter 75: A Similar Genius Chapter 76: Break Them, Got It Chapter 77: Useless Begging Chapter 78: Talent Test Chapter 79: Shocking Discovery Chapter 80: Unrivaled Genius Chapter 81: Humiliated Chapter 82: Battle Arrangement Chapter 83: No One Should Even Think of Bullying Me Chapter 84: Bow of Hundred Transformations Chapter 85: Danger Lurks Everywhere Chapter 86: Mysterious Expert Chapter 87: The Chu Family has Difficulties Chapter 88: Die Chapter 89: Now it’s Your Turn Chapter 90: Spirit Realm Battling Origin realm Chapter 91: Unite Chapter 92: Chu Feng’s Ancestry Chapter 93: Present Chapter 94: Morality and Ability Chapter 95: I Behead Without Exception Chapter 96: Golden-Purple Commanding Badge Chapter 97: The Army Arrives Chapter 98: Using Might to Pressure People Chapter 99: Rewards and Punishments Chapter 100: Extermination Chapter 101: Arrival of Ill-Intent Chapter 102: Helpers for All Chapter 103: Boundary Formation Chapter 104: Test Chapter 105: The Background of the Gong Family Chapter 106: World Spirit Space Chapter 107: Undoing the Seal Chapter 108: Two Monsters Chapter 109: I’m Really Strong Chapter 110: Spirit Connection Contract Chapter 111: Wan Wenpeng Chapter 112: Face Contest Chapter 113: Cheating Chapter 114: Ancient Tomb Chapter 115: Tomb Classification Chapter 116: Su Rou’s Birth Mother?Chapter 117: Land of the Evil Graveyard Chapter 118: Endless Treasures Chapter 119: A Worthwhile Journey Chapter 120: Su Mei’s Fiancé Chapter 121: I Only Need One Strike Chapter 122: A Real Genius Chapter 123: Enjoying the Process Chapter 124: Stepping Stone Chapter 125: Pinnacle Confrontation Chapter 126: Blackened-Gold Blade Chapter 127: Murderous 7-Injuring Fists Chapter 128: Extraordinary Genius Chapter 129: Kiss of Deep Emotion Chapter 130: The Su Family’s Secret Chapter 131: Emperor Tomb Chapter 132: Roping Trap Chapter 133: Poisoned Chapter 134: Hungry Wolf Pouncing on the White Rabbit Chapter 135: I Want Both Sisters Chapter 136: Ferghana Horse Chapter 137: Divine Body Bestowed by Heaven Chapter 138: Special Ability Chapter 139: Encountering a Surrounding Attack Chapter 140: Running Towards an Impasse Chapter 141: Life and Death on a Thread Chapter 142: White Tiger Villa Chapter 143: When You Should Attack, Go Attack Chapter 144: Murong Xiaoyao Chapter 145: Consciousness Guardian Chapter 146: Assassins Within the Woods Chapter 147: Displaying His Abilities Chapter 148: Decisive Slaughtering Chapter 149: Lifeline Chapter 150: Returning to the Pinnacle Chapter 151: Mysterious Grey-Cloaked Person Chapter 152: Both Sides Defeated Chapter 153: Crystal Coffin Chapter 154: Heaven Realm’s Remains Chapter 155: Secret of the Dead Zone Chapter 156: Grabbing With Everything He Can Chapter 157: Strong Girl Chapter 158: White Tiger Slaughtering Technique Chapter 159: Slightly Interesting Chapter 160: The Outcome of the Battle is Already Determined Chapter 161: Asura Chapter 162: Inheritance Chapter 163: Returning to the Azure Dragon School Chapter 164: A Heart Full of Rage Chapter 165: Inner Court Massacre Chapter 166: Who is Wu Jiu?

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Children of single mothers do poorly on every imaginable scale: they have more emotional problems, experience more stress, are more likely to grow up poor, they have lower educational achievements and experience way more behavioral problems than children who grow up with married parents.

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