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In the early years of the Society's existence he also contributed valuable papers to the Transactions, and after severing his official connection with the Society he continued to take a living interest in its work, as a reference to the Transactions will show. Mackenzie and Mr Kenneth Macdonald, both of Inverness, the Society lost two of its oldest and most valued members., whose warm interest in its work was always in evidence, as also in ex- Provost Gossip, Inverness; while in Mr Donald Mackay, Hereford ; Dr Mac Lagan, Edinburgh ; "Monsignor Mac- kintosh, Fort- William ; Mr Eneas Mackay, Stirling; Dr INTRODUCTION Vll. " 'S trom na 's fheudar a ghiulan, 'S goirt gach creuchd mar is uire ; Ged 's e 'n t-eug is ceann-iuil do shliochd Adhaimh." It will interest the members and friends of the Society to learn that its Executive took an active interest in the return of the Cadboll Stone, removed from Invergordon to London, to the National Museum, Edinburgh, in 1921, and also approached the Aberdeen Town Council with a view to having a. The document was, however, more elaborate with people of con- sequence, and! The contract of Hugh Rose of Kilravock and Joneta, daughter of Sir Roibert Chisholm, Governor of Urquhart Castle, on Loch Ness, dated 1364, after binding the parties to marry each other in face of Holy Church, provides : " From the date of the marriage the said Sir Robert shall keep and maintain his said daughter [the bride] for three whole years in meat and drink ; but the said Hugh [the Life in the Highlands in the Olden Times 5 bridegroom] shall find and keep her in all necessary garments and ornaments." In 1482 a treaty was entered into by Lachlan Mackintosh of Gallovie, in Badenoch (brother of The Mackintosh) and Donald, son of Angus Mackintosh, in connection with the estate of Kilravock, which he tried to capture from Rose.In truth, seldom has the sad toll been so heavy as on this occasion falls to be recorded. Gaelic inscription on the Harlaw Memorial Tower ; while recently a Committee of the Society's members has been formed for the purpose of taking steps to restore the Memorial Cairn and other historic landmarks at Culloden Moor, including the " King's Stables " there. It contains the provision that, " FOOT the mare kyndnees, traistnes, and securitie," Donald shall marry Margaret daughter of Lachlan; and, as they are within the forbidden degrees, Lachlan shall bring a dispensation from the Pope.In February, 1640, the Synod of Moray record : ' ' In respect of ye gryt disorders yat haw fallen out in dyverse parts o dollars consignee^ at the contract of the married persons (which is also ordained to be deposited not only as pledges of performing their intended purposes of marriage, but also of the civil and sober deportment of all those that shall countenance their marriage feast) remaine in the Sessione Clerk's hands until the Lord's Day after the marriage, that in case of contravening one or other of the foresaid articles by any whomsoever, then and in that case' the foresaid two- dollars shall be confiscated to the common good of the parish church, and this by and attour the: public censure to be imposed upon the transgressors of the fore- said articles." These rules, however, were not respected, and in 17 the excesses! In time the entertainment was gradually modified, but penny weddings still continued, and as late as 1870 I myself attended tone w!ith|in two miles from Inverness and con- tributed my mite towards the expense. Even death could not suppress the native mirth of the old Highlander. tobacco* 11 1 cow 23 6 8 Total cost of the feast 189 17 8 As in the case of kirkings, baptisms, and marriages, the Church exerted itself to stop irregularities in connection with likewakes.Towards the close of 1921 an important appointment to the Society's Executive was made in the person of Mr Viii. At last none too soon the teaching of Gaelic in schools has been made compulsory throughout the Gaelic area by the Education Act of 1918, introduced by the Secretary for Scotland, Mr Robert Munro, now Lord Alness. " And if it shall happen that the said dispensation come not home within fifteen days after Martinmas the said John the Grant is bound and obliged to cause them to be handfast and put together, his said daughter and the said Donald, fo tie himself indissolubly to the young lady.

As regards the administration of the Act, something has been done; much remains to do. Donaldson has given a brightly written account of her Wfiii-flrrittf/x hi f/ir Western H)* . From the union lias come the present race of Lochiel.

This was Mr William Mackenzie, of the Crofters' Commission. By it the child of one person was adopted by another person, who gave Kim bed and board and sometimes education, and treated him in every respect as his own child. Numerous instances are recorded of extraordinary love iand fidelity between foster parents and foster brothers the best known in literature being that told by Sir Walter Scott in " The Fair Maid of Perth," where Torquil and all his sons sacrificed their lives for his foster child, Eachin Maclan.

Mr Mackenzie was one of the original founders of the Society, and for many years its much appreciated Secretary and Treasurer. Butter, Inverness, the Society has to deplore the loss of enthusiastic, sincere, and active supporters. The contract of fosterage was, commonly, by word of mo be sustained by them in meat and drink and nourishment till he be sent to the school with the advice of friends, and toi sustain him at the schools with reasonable support, the said father and foster father giving between them of makhelve guddis in donation to entered the contract in a book which he kept for the purpose.

Her work in the direction of interesting the young people of the North in Gaelic music and song, and the success which attended the Children's Annual Mods held in recent years in Inverness the inauguration and progress of which were due to her devoted efforts would of themselves serve tc make hers a cherished memory for years to come. These practices were discontinued in Cromwell's time, for the Puritans ob/jected to every semblance of liturgy or set prayer.

Account has also to be taken of her unceasing labours during the Great War, as Treasurer of the Inverness Citizens' Committee, in raising funds for .procuring comforts for Highland soldiers and sailors at home and abroad. After thei Restoration an attempt was made to restore them, and in Mlay, 1688, the following resolution was recorded by the Presbytery of Inverness : ' ' That at Baptiseing of Infants the parents make confession of yr Faith by owning and acknowledging the Apostles Creed, as also that after prayer the Lord's Prayer be subjoyned, and after praises the Doxologie be sung ; and all the Brethern to be particularly enquired thereanent at the prbie censure." Puritanism, however, prevailed ; these religious require- ments dropped out of use; and for generations few Presby- terian baptisms took place in church.

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